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Melbourne, Australia
Abolición is an animal rights band based in Melbourne, Australia.
The story started in a shed, in sunny Richmond. Pedro Allemant was looking for vegan musicians in Melbourne. He had been active in the vegan music/AR scenes in Peru and Spain and he had been a regular stallholder over the last few years at World Vegan Day. He posted flyers on the internet and on his market stall.

Last year, Daniel Green (guitarist in Public Liability)  saw the post and contacted him and then he introduced his band-partner mate Alex Gawly (voice). 
By coincidence, Alex had bought a CD of Pedro´s solo music called Futuro vega*Pop in WVD 2013. The world is a small place! Then, the guys began playing tunes.
Later, they met Drew Basford and his lovely bass,  a fantastic bass player with a great history behind him.  After, a hard search for a drummer, they found the right one in the mystic Pai Hobbes who completed this serious outfit!
Choosing the name for the band was another journey. They decided having a spanish name sounded cool like the melodies of the songs. Abolición was formed!
So far they have a film clip of the song "The Prisoner" and many future projects ahead. This creative endeavour and this vital message starts now! Animal rights music for the world!

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