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Evelyn Angelopoulos

Nourish Not Punish
Food Blogger
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Niki Angelopoulos

Alkaline Superfoods
Naturopath and Blood Microscopist
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Pana Barbounis

Pana Chocolate
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Matthew Bate

365 Days of Wholeness
Author, Ex-AFL player, Sports Nutritionist
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Zac Bird

social media foodie
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Paula Brugger

International Vegetarian Union
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Anne Brunsdon

Melbourne Vegan Eats
Social Media Foodie
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Crissi Carvalho

Vegan Fitness Model, Evolved Generation
Fitness Model, Online Trainer & Coach
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Robert Cheeke

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
Author, Bodybuilder, USA
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Simone Collins

Evolved Generation
Physique & Crossfit Athlete
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Mark Doneddu

Vegetarian Victoria
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Jeremy Evans

Evolved Generation
Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer
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Katrina Fox

Vegan Business Media
Journalist & Author
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Evolved Generation

Evolved Generation
plant-based personal trainers, coaches & creatives
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Yoko Inoue

Shoku Iku
Wholfoods Chef & Restauranteur
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George Jacobs

International Vegetarian Union
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Jacqui Kirkland

Grateful Harvest
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Ashok Kumar

International Vegetarian Union
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Dinesh Mathew

Mantra Lounge
actor, cook, marketing
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Paul Mathis

Cofounder, chef
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Leah Morony

Pana Chocolate
Head Chef
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David Nightingale

A Fist Full of Hummus
social media foodie, firefighter
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Vegan Business and Media Panel

Raw Events
panel discussion + Q&A
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Bruce Poon

Animal Justice Party
Convenor - Victoria
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Amanda Riddles

A Very Small Vegan Kitchen
Cofounder, personal trainer
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Natasha Seeto

Evolved Generation
Vegan Bikini Athlete
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Billy Simmonds

athlete and entrepreneur
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Tim Slingsby

Melbourne Vegan Eats
Home Cook
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Ash Sonthalia

Mantra Lounge
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Tegan Steele

Urban Projuice
restauranter, author, coach
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Lucy Stegley

Raw Events
Founder of Raw Events, SmoothieGirl, Evolved Generation team member
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Emilie Tan

Evolved Generation / The Awake Method
Raw food chef, ultra-endurance athlete
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Luke Tan

Evolved Generation & The Awake Method
Founder of Evolved Generation, strength coach, author
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Lucy Taylor

Bloom Nutritionist & Evolved Generation
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Grace Thornell

The Happy Clean Vegan
social media foodie
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Christian Vetter

Evolved Generation & Christian Marc Photography
Professional photographer
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Shani Vetter

Evolved Generation & Smiling Assassin Fitness
personal trainer
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Jade W

Panaceas Pantry
social media foodie
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Kath W

Panaceas Pantry
social media foodie
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Marly Winckler

International Vegetarian Union
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Amber Wood

Pana Chocolate
Product Development Chef