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Booth Soul Stories
Artist, lamplighter and storyteller ~ Tams’ is working hard to return all of the wonderful stories she’s been given in some kind of magical way or another… After a mega dance career and country change, she finds herself fumbling from day to day with a smile on her face and gypsying between two exciting worlds dear to her soul. One being the multi-cultured Melbourne with its creative hustle and bustle… the other her tiny hometown of Heyfield in the bush with its fun loving locals, cows and sheep. Either way, she’s obsessed with spoiling her beloved Bengal cat ‘Dantechicken’, riding her bike, following her heart and eating at least 14 bananas every day. Wherever she wanders she continues to be inspired by beautiful souls and their incredible stories…
"Soul Stories are insightful creations that capture the sensitive, vulnerable ingredients of your soul. They are then written and illustrated from the heart, allowing you to remember how every ingrained but perhaps forgotten moment can be turned into something beautiful to read…"