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Our business mission is to create products that change the world, do no harm to the environment, nourish and support the people and animals that dwell on our planet and to seek solutions to our environmental crisis.

Our first range of products are the coolest vegan backpacks made from up-cycled shirts and fabrics that has been discarded by our wasteful world. We've designed and constructed our bags that have eliminated the use of glue. (Which quite often consists of boiled down animal bones and cartilage). There is now eco-friendly glue, but we decided to eliminate glues from our process completely. Using up-cycled shirts and fabrics helps reduce the enormous textile and fashion waste problem.

Eventhough we are called BeeKeeper Parade, we are not beekeepers or use honey or beeswax in creating our products. The story of our name comes from a different place. More to do with me calling my sister my best friend a bee (because I love them). And me becoming her carer and Keeper when she got sick. When she had to leave this world, it felt right to me to call my business BeeKeeper. My way of remembering her.

Visit our website. Ask us about our next products coming up ;)