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Crissi Carvalho

Vegan Fitness Model, Evolved Generation
Fitness Model, Online Trainer & Coach
Speakers' Stage & Fitness Zone & Fashion Runway
I started in the fitness industry at a young age of 16 year olds…. and spent 12 years personal training, teaching aerobics’, competing in both sport aerobics’ and back then better known as body shaping (fitness model) comps. Now at 42 years of age and after almost 10 years out of the industry, I decided to get back into the fitness industry and re-educate people on plant-basednutrition benefits – natures real wholefood.I made the switch to veganism for a number of reasons, first it was for health reasons as I had a cancer health scare at 36 years old, plus I had constant acne, bloating and migraines…then I lostmy best friend to Cancer. She was 38 years young. I became committed to veganism as my awareness grew about the animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry. Shocked that I could be part of this system, I decided to stop eating meat right then. Getting back to nature is so important on so many levels. We need to stop the animal cruelty, mass industrial slaughter farming, become more environmental aware and help our eco-systems become more sustainable. Mass agriculture is one of the major contributors to global warming,effecting and polluting our rivers, oceans and destroying our forests around the world. Heart disease, cancer are all linked to excessive meat and dairy consumption, the countries with the highest osteoporosis are the same countries with the highest consumption of dairy…on the other hand the countries with the lowest meat consumption, have the lowest rates of all cancers and the number one killer heart disease.The kindest thing we can do, is eat less meat for our own health and well-being, save animal lives and end the cruelty. This also helps restore our environment…our earth ‘s future depends on it.It’s really a win win situation for all.
Love the animals, the earth and thyself.