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Fitness Zone
Evolved Generation and Raw Events are proud to present to you a fully interactive, exciting and heart-pumping Fitness Zone for the first time this year at World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015!

Our Fitness Zone will provide plenty of opportunities to browse through the booths filled with our food, drinks, products and services partners. For those keen to get interactive, the Fitness Zone will also be jam-packed with both active and chilled-out challenges you will be able to easily particpate in!

The Fitness Zone will be run by the Evolved Generation coaches and special guests we've recruited from all over the globe!
Plant-based personal trainers, fitness models, crossfit and strength coaches, bodybuilders, ultra-marathoners, dieticians, yoga, pilates and spin bike instructors + heaps more will be on hand to motivate, inspire and challenge you throughout the day!

You are welcome to swing by for a chat with our team or to just watch the fitness action. You don't have to participate directly in the activities to experience what's possible when people are powered by plants!

If you're keen to try your hand at a mini-workout, or fitness challenge - make sure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing.

Our team will be running sessions every 15 minutes throughout the day, so you can keep coming back to try it all! Be sure not to miss the chance to jump on our peddle-powered Bike'nBlend smoothie bikes either!

Spread the word, tell your family, friends and significant others!

Get ready to stretch or sweat it out in a fun and friendly environment while guided by our passionate plant-based trainers. All experience levels welcome :)

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