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Christian was born in Germany but raised in Australia from a young age. Coming from a German background of home-cooking such as Goulash, Bratwurst and roast meat, you would think it would have been a very hard transition to make into a plant-based diet but once he opened his eyes to the suffering that was caused by eating animal products it seemed like the only inarguable choice. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is something he is striving to live by.

A passionate photographer in his profession of capturing moments between couples in love both in Portraits and Weddings, Christian is based on the Peninsula and leads an active lifestyle with his wife Shani (also an Evolved Generation team member). As the official Evolved Generation photographer he enjoys meeting up with the team at events and shoots and becoming more and more inspired and devoted to spreading the word and living the cause.  Although he does not “compete”, he maintains his lean muscle physique with a calisthenic body-weight approach to training and an “everything in moderation” attitude to his diet.

“To all vegans out there and those that are just embarking on this forever journey.. don’t give up – things may be tough at times but if we stand together and support the cause that we have in our hearts – goodness will flourish!”