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Philip Wollen

At age 34 Philip was Vice President of Citibank. He was rated by Australian Business Magazine in the Top 40 executives in Australia. His assignments took him around the world. At age 40 he decided to give away everything he had with warm hands and die broke. He jokes, “So far, we are right on budget!”
Today he supports 500+ projects in 40+ countries for children, animals and the environment with schools, orphanages, shelters, bio-gas plants, ambulances and medical supplies. 
Philip likes to be invisible. The Governor General of Australia said “Philip is a private man and seeks no personal publicity. But he is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause”.
In 2005 he received the “Order of Australia”.
In 2006 he received the “Australian Humanitarian of the Year”
In 2007 on Australia Day he received the award “Australian of the Year” Victoria.
Phil will share his wisdom and knowledge, highlighting how we are mistreating the animals and the planet, while inspiring us to make positive changes that will benefit all of the Earth’s inhabitants.

My Presenters Sessions

Sunday, November 1

14:30 AEDT