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Simone Collins

Evolved Generation
Physique & Crossfit Athlete
Fitness Zone & Speakers' Stage
Vegan figure competitor and ethical graphic designer

Simone’s health and fitness journey began in 2010.  In an attempt to regain health and fitness, and recover from anxiety, stress, depression and being underweight, she started training at Doherty’s Gym City.  As Doherty’s is one of Australia’s most well-known ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding gyms and host to the biggest IFBB competitions in the country, it wasn’t long before she started attending and volunteering at the shows. Inspired by the dedication and hard work from all the athletes she watched, Simone made the commitment to train for and compete in her first show: 2013 FitX IFBB Australian Amateur Grand Prix. From there she was hooked, and has competed in 4 shows since.

Training and competing is Simone’s passion in life, but she also views it as a form of activism – she hopes to change the way people view veganism, and try to dispel the myths that large quantities of meat and animal-derived supplements are necessary to get on stage, or achieve health and fitness goals.

Her future plans are to finish her personal training qualifications, the T-Colin Campbell Certificate of Plant-Based Nutrition, and to be able to train and coach other vegans, while optimizing their health and fitness. Simone also intends to continue training, competing, and improving her physique, with the ultimate goal of one day earning a pro card and competing internationally, representing Australia and vegans worldwide.




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