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James&Co: the unique online boutique for branded designer crueltyfree non-leather womens vegan jackets and bags.  Crafted from top quality faux leather fabrics with a focus on tailoring and details, the collection is designed to look expensive but priced to be affordable. James&Co was founded with a strong ethical philosophy and aims to combine style with humanity. Our use of fabric supports cruelty-free lifestyles and we direct a percentage of profits to mental health initiatives for young people. We cater to those who like to look good while knowing their choice can make a difference. 

Behind the Name

James&Co is inspired by the all too brief life of James Lucas. James was a unique individual who cared unassumingly about others and whose natural inclination was to show humanity, and, like most 24 year olds, James liked to dress with style. In his talented writing, James exhorted us to 'Live Life & Love it!!'.  James&Co aspires to uphold James' beautiful legacy, presenting a stylish range which is dedicated to giving back to humanitarian causes in his honour. 

Who We Support

The underlying philosophy behind the James&Co range is to offer ethical products and cruelty-free lifestyles. As a business, James&Co was established with a key focus on supporting mental health programs for young people. James&Co goes beyond raising money for charity and has adopted the partnership approach of working with ‘people on the front lines’ to make a difference.

“…in our newly interconnected world, no one can any longer ignore the issues we are facing. The best bit is that people are finally starting to realise that it’s not about throwing charity at issues – it’s about working in partnership with people on the front lines to turn those issues into opportunities. Change is happening”.
- Richard Branson, Screw Business As Usual