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The Vege Chip brand started it’s amazing journey to success over 25 years ago, debuting as a "healthy alternative" snack and was sold at the local Gold Coast & Byron Bay markets, eventually culminating in Australia wide distribution to all major supermarkets in Australia. We also distribute internationally. Today the Vege Chip Company has become a household name for healthy snacks. We have been a trusted Australian healthy snack food company since 1990.

In 1990 our original line of Vege Chip snacks were produced out of a small commercial kitchen and were very well received by our first customers, who fast became fans of our tasty snacks which helped The Vege Chip Company expand into a fully-fledged national snack brand. In 2001 our brand new snack factory was opened at Currumbin on the Gold Coast with all the modern machinery needed to accurately produce carton after carton of tasty snacks.

Making Vege chips and coming up new and innovative healthy products for you is a way of life for us and our dedicated team, not just a business. We believe it, we live it and we deliver it!

Thank you for your ongoing snacking and support of our company.

Happy snacking!